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Blueprint Two sets out the details and plan to build the most advanced insurance marketplace in the world

We are working with the market to build solutions that will digitalise our market, making it better, faster and cheaper for all participants, and help customers face new challenges with confidence. 

The insurance market, Lloyd’s firms, Company Market and brokers – can use this website to find the key information to support them on their digital journey.

We welcome your feedback on the content of this website, and any questions you may have.

Market engagement on Blueprint Two

To transition to the digital marketplace it is important to prepare our organisations. Market participants will have their own unique transformation path and adopt an implementation strategy which satisfies their business needs now and in the future.

Ongoing engagement is critical to build and deliver appropriate, relevant, easily adoptable solutions that provide real value and benefit to your organisation, the market and ultimately the customer.

Our market engagement strategy focuses on five key areas

Single engagement team

Single Engagement Team

A new market engagement strategy is being delivered through one single Engagement Team made up of representatives from the Joint Venture, LIMOSS, and Lloyd’s.

Vendor aligned grouping

Vendor aligned grouping

The team has divided the market into 10 groups that we are calling Communities, also known as the EC10. 

These communities are grouped broadly by the vendor that is commonly used as a core administration system by members of the community, so the communities share common requirements and challenges.

Produce key artifacts

Produce key artefacts

A number of key artefacts have been created to support firms in their own digital transformation. With the exception of the Foundational Playbook, the content has been created by the Engagement Team with the input from the Blueprint Two programme teams, market associations and firms. The Playbook was produced by the LMA in conjunction with Lloyd’s, with market and programme involvement. Please read through the documents and use the contact information provided to give your feedback, including areas on which you would like more clarity.

Continual monitoring

Monitoring digital adoption

As we approach 2024 we will be working with the market to collate and respond to any questions that they might have - as well as tracking firm preference as to whether they will take a full digital approach, use transition services or adopt a hybrid model.

We have set up a way for you to contact us so that we can collate all queries centrally. Wherever possible, please use this method. We will ensure that your questions are answered in a timely manner, and identify Frequently Asked Questions to share back with all market participants.

Additional focused support

Additional focused support

As we progress with delivering Blueprint Two it is likely that some firms might find it challenging to make the changes required, and we will provide additional support to those who might need it. Please contact us if we can assist you further.

Explore further

If you have any questions or feedback relating to Blueprint Two, please contact us.


Find out more about the EC10 communities.


Find information on the customer journeys, the Foundational Playbook for Managing Agents, and the benefits framework.

Monitoring digital adoption

To ensure that the market has a good understanding of Blueprint Two solutions, a quarterly survey will track both their perceived understanding, and in later surveys the market’s readiness to transition to the new digital services.

Technical resources

Find technical resources to support your firm’s preparation for the new digital services.

Contact us

Meet the market Engagement Team and find out how to contact us.

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